MEXICO's Labor Weekly Report



INFOMAIL Laboral was first published in 2003 and now has become a valuable source of information for those interested in keeping abreast of what is going on in the Mexican labor world.

Over the years, INFOMAIL Laboral has added to its subscriber base some of the most important companies in Mexico, among them: BBVA, Citibanamex, Santander, Banorte, General Motors, Daimler, BMW, Kolbenschmidt, Kimberly Clark, Becton Dickinson, Heineken, IKEA, Home Depot, Walmart, Littler, Manpower, Mondelez, Owens Corning, P&G, SKF, Televisa, MAHLE, Gerdau, BioPapel.

Given the interest that the Mexican labor issue has had since the entry into force of the USMCA, in January 2021 we decided to offer an executive version in English of the document that we currently publish for our customers in Mexico. We have named this new version MEXICO'S Labor Weekly Report.



For now, we only offer annual subscriptions, which consist of 52 issues (1 per week), which will be sent to the mail the client provides. Issues are sent no later than Monday of each week at 10:00 AM.

The cost of the annual subscription is US$450.00




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